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Casino for dummies part I.

Casino guide for dummies. Read this before you enter a casino.

What you need to know before you enter a casino?

Research payout rates on slot machines.  The payout percantage of slot machines in casino are typically between 75% to 98% of the money that is wagered by player.  This is know as RTP “return to player” or theoretical payout percentage. The minimum theoretical payout percantage is regulated by law. Most casinos do not make  payout percentage available to the average player. Casinos can remotely manipulate the odds and payout, thanks to the advances in computer techonogy. Casinos must wait for at least four minutes before they make a change and can’t do it mid-game. They must wait until the machine has been empty or vacant.

To increase your odds of winning, choose. slt machines whith the higest percentage of payout.

Set your limit. You have to set your “double my money” and “loose limit” before entering casino. If you are losing, stop when you reach your lose limit or stop playing when you have double your initial amount.

You enter casino with a 3500$ bankroll and plan to stay for 7 days. Devide your bankroll by the number of days you decide to play. That allows you to play with 500$ per day.  Now you devide  your daily bankroll with the number of hours you plan to play. If you decide to play for a total of 5 hours per day, you can affor to lose 100$ per hour. We you double your money walk away. Do not exceed your limit not matter what happens.

Simple tips that work quickly.

  1. Never enter casino or gamble when you are depressed, sick or tired. When you gamble you should drink water. Because alcohol impairs judgment.
  2. Take a break. Take a break between games or seassions.
  3. To reduce risk of overspending leave credit and debit cars at home ar in hotel room.
  4. Have a firend or parnter whit your. You will stop each other from spending more than your limit.
  5. Lower the risk with lower odds. With lower odds you do not have huge swings in the results. Be comfortable with minimum stake.
  6. Set a daily limit at the casino or gambling company.

Write a journal. It is a good ideat to keep a journal about your  playing sessions. Record of your stakes, bets,wins and loss resulst. Write down your experiance dealers and pit bosess. What were prons and cons about your strategy or anything that can help you be better.

Every casino or gambling company has self-exlucsion program or option. Responsible Gambling Control is a process that allows  yourself to be banned from all legalized gambling activities.

Become a member. Take advantage of bonus money offerings by online casino and gambling companys offerd. Player who join the players club in casino get complimentary items and services. Members can get free meals, shows, hotel rooms and more. Online casinos give their loyal customers special bonuses.

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