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How to get more traffic to your gambling website [2018]

Learn how to get more traffic to you betting website

How to optimize a gambling website

Do you own a gambling website? Or you thinking about creating one from scratch? You come to the right place. With my knowledge of search engine optimization [SEO] and affiliate marketing, I will help you achieve the best ranking for some of the most competitive keywords in gambling nitch. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Sports betting or gambling nitch is hard to get in. There is a lot of money to be made with different affiliate programs. Where there is money there is a lot of competition.  A betting site that provides opportunities for you to place sports bets is ranking on the top positions in Google. Because they have a ton of do follow backlinks and generic searches. And they have a lot of content on their site.  But there is still a way to beat them! 

Be passionate about sports betting or gambling

It really helps if you play sports bets on a daily basis. Or if you know how to play various casino games like poker, blackjack or slot machines. Because you need to get into the mind of a player. Players who are betting/gambling on a daily basis want a community of betting tipsters that discuss the best opportunities to earn some extra money. They are looking for the best new thing on market, best offers, best online games and chasing the best odds on the web.  So you need to provide them with a lot of helpful content that helps them earn more money. If you know the gambling nitch than you won’t have trouble with providing them the right content.

How to find a topic to write about?

Easy, just Google you keyword+forum or blog. Let’s say you are thinking to write about best betting offers. Write in your search best betting offers forum.  A lot of people in SEO community says that forums are dead because they don’t provide a do follow links. But forums are a great place to find inspiration for your topic.  Tipsters from all over the world provide free knowledge and ask questions about the upcoming games.  That’s how I got the inspiration for this blog post. I was reading a blog post about how to optimize a website for sports betting or gambling nitch.

So join different Facebook, Instagram or websites that provide forum topic about gambling. Its true a lot of is bad quality or spam. But there are some great gems on the web.  You just need to know where to find them.

Do your keyword research

Now we are talking! Let’s get down to business. Keyword research is one of the most important thing you need to focus. If you do your wireframe wrong you won’t get the result you are looking for. Spend as much time you need and keyword research right. Check you competitive and do some back engineering. What is keyword research? You need to get your Google Keyword Planner account. Then go to keyword planner tool and type your keywords in.  Once you have your account open an Excel spreadsheet. In one column put your keyword and in the second one put the number of monthly searches. When you have completed the research make sure that you save your work. You will need those words to design your website or a perfect blog post.

What keywords to choose?

Naturally, you want to choose the words with the most monthly searches, right? Yes and no. Usually, the words with the most monthly searches have the highest competition.  Instead, go for long tail keywords like best online betting offers or how to bet on sport successfully. Long tail keywords are less competitive and you will have fewer problems to rank them. I use up to 7 or 8 hours to do my keyword right. When you have enough keywords to work with is much easier and a lot quicker.

Make content on your website more readable

Nobody wants to read long content with no media. use quotes, video,  pictures and audio to sand out of the crowd. Make sure that multimedia is relevant to your content. You can use betting ticket that you won or pictures of different games. Opportunities are really endless.

Plan your attack on gambling community

There is a lot of gambling site out there. So you need to stand out! But how you are asking. You need to offer some extra value to the readers. Don’t be just one of those guys who is selling the “best 100% sports predictions on the market”.  First show them you are an expert in your nitch. Show them you are the really the best. First, you will probably need to offer some free betting tips or trial version of your tips.  Nobody likes to give free tips. But first, you need to build the fan base, on fan at the time. Crate an FB fan page and start posting you tips for free. Wile your Facebook/Instagram community is growing star developing your site. Ask people to help you.  You will need to have some help from experience gambling and IT people to help you create that perfect website.

Star with a pace of paper and a pan. Why? You will need a plan of attack. First to the market research, now the niche and do your keyword planning right. When you have your wireframe, then just find the right individuals or an agency to help you develop the site. Having a site is nothing if you don’t have visitors on your website and ways to make money from it. Obviously, you will have to have an affiliate program. But what gambling affiliate to choose? Great question. Just bookies affiliate program or different offers on the web like Clickbank. Rister at many bookies affiliate programs and put a link on the website.

If you are good don’t do it for free

Ok, now you have a great website with no traffic. Did you do something wrong in the planning phase? Choose you price planning carefully, That can make or break your website. Don be greedy, offer people something extra. Something your competition doesn’t have. The extra value for the money. That can be anything. It up to you. You can offer them great betting and gambling news or free tips… Need to be something they really want, like a guide on how to choose the best bookie or best betting odds.

That doesn’t mean that your offers need to be cheap or you need to give them everything. It means you need to be fair to your customer and always deliver what you are selling. If you tip was a loose offer them money back or give them free tips as a gift. When you will give a free gift to your customer they will come back every week, month or year. Not just that they will help you spread the word about your site.

In the end

That just first step in to becomming an authority in gambling nitch. This artice is first in the line of tips how to have more traffinc on you site and how to make money playng sporst bets or gambling. Please share this content if you find it valiauble.

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