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How to become a professional poker player fast?

How to play poker like a professional. Join the big leauge. Learn how to play poker like star.
What are different poker strategies? Which poker strategy is the best? How to pick the best poker strategy?

How to win a poker tournament? Easy… read those poker books.

How do you become a professional poker player?

Harrington on Hold ’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Vol. 1

Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments is truly a magnificent book and it paid for itself immediately.  Harrington is the author of several excellent books on the game of poker and 1995 world champion. He is the only player in history to make the final table in 2003 and 2004.  Harrington has solid and fairly conservative style.  Helps you learn how to think like a professional. Herrington is a master as teaching technique and strategy.

Obviously poker is a complex games. The book  addresses the verious styles of playing and help you choose one for yourself. Different players have different style, top poker players have drastically different stayes of play from agressive to super-aggressive and they can play very conservative when they have to. To be successful at the game you have to spent a lot of time observing and analyzing different types of players. Player have to switch between the playing styles and adapt to the game.

At the end of each chapapter you can find “The Problems” sections with the helpful tips, demonstration facts and infromation. It helps you discover the connection between the players stack size and the size of the blinds and his cards in his hands.

What are the secrets of professional poker players? How professional poker player practice?

Harrington is the author of several excellent poker books and 1995 world champion. He is master at teaching conservative style of poker playing.

The Theory of Poker: A Professional Poker Player Teaches You How To Think Like One

This book must be one of the best book ever written about poker and will really made a difference in your playing style. The Theory of Poker is leading work on poker theory, without reading it you do not have a chance of winning. If you are dedicated player you have to read it, because it will make you smarter and more insightful player.

What‘s the real story?

The book it‘s not the easiest reading. It uses language of the professional poker players. If you are beginner you have to play for a few months to understood the book.  After reading the book you will have a new depth of insight into poker world. Because no matter how good a player you are you will allways newbie until you have master the knowledge in this book.

Keep in mind that advices in the book are directed towards tight aggressive skilled players, high limit games and poker tournaments. You should add another book to your shopping basket, because the The Theory of Poker is worth it‘s weight in gold.

What are the best poker book? Top 10 poker book for professionals. Amazing poker book.

You should add another book to your shopping basket, because the The Theory of Poker is worth it’s weight in gold.

Jonathan Little’s Excelling at No-Limit

Jonathan Little is renowend professional poker player and author. In his book he discuss all aspects of the game with 17 of the greatest no-limit experts. Some of these experts inculde poker superstars such as Mike Sexton, Jared Tendler, Chris Moneymaker and Phil Hellmuth.

It is a great book with the consistent level of quality and a great addition to players who whis to improve their game. No-Limit Hold’em provides all tools that an aspiring player needs to understand the game. If your plan is to play in bigger poker events, you need to be metalally prepared. Reading this book will prepare you for the future success and boost your confidence level.The mental game section in book is great overall talk on how to preparation to a poker tournament.

How to boost confidence in poker tournament? How to make poker face.

Reading this book will prepare you for the future success and boost your confidence level fast.

The best part?

10  reasons to buy this book

  1. Many of the individual chapters alone are worth the price you pay for the entire book.
  2. This book contains a wealth of information for the beginner and seasoned pro alike.
  3. The key of the efficiency of this book is that has been written by 18 authors which are all champions.
  4. Is great form of study for those who need those short sharp bursts of concentrated poker energy.
  5. Really helps to lift your poker spirits and gives you more confidence to stick with learning to be a better player.
  6. Jonathan has created another masterpiece of poker literature.
  7. Information on where to find more content online which includes webinars, video content, coaching from the authors themselves.
  8. This book gives you tremendous benefit both on and off the tables.
  9. This book will help you stay on top of your A game long after you have finished reading it, thanks to the additional resources it offers
  10. This is a must book in your Arsenal.

Doyle Brunson’s Super System

If your plan to play poker professionally this book is necessary reading. Classic book on poker by Doyle Brunson. He inserts colorful storytelling into all his books. When the book was first published it caused a sensation. Super system iss recognized as the most ammitious poker book ever written. First time in poker history amateurs had the chance to catch up with the professional poker players. After reading and re-reading Super System you truly began to appreciate all the knowledge if offeres.

3 Steps to make you a better poker player.

1.     Buy this book and begin to play on your own for very low stakes.

2.      Then read a section in this book that interest you.

3.     Repeat the process.

You will get a firm grasp on the game and began to win consistently. The best way to go about learning the game effectively.

Only problem with this book si that all beginners who read this book, they all play the same way. Use your skills and a little critical thinking to learn how to play against that style. But poker poker is fast evolving game, as son as the players learn how to play one style it already changes.

“What should I do once I flop a flush?”

“What if I bet the flop and get called?”

“When should I move all-in before the flop?”

Some people may say that this book is outdated, but do not listen to them. Because we live in a society where everything has to be new, and what is new is considered to be superior to the old. This book si a great example of seventies tehnology that still works great in the tenty-first century. Do not do what this book say to the letter, use the knowledge and develop your own style. Remember you are the driver and the books are simply like roadmaps.

Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Texas Hold’em

Green poker book for poker player is the best poker book in the world.

You can never be to rich or have too much information .

You can never be to rich or have too much information. Phill Gordon has both, a successful professional poker player, commentator and teacher.  He is probably the most undervalued poker writer. Gordon breaks down complex information into understandable parts.

Little Green Book is unique among all other poker books.  Book covers it‘s subject with clarity and details of no-limit hold’em poker tournaments. Everypoker player will find benefit‘s from beginners and experience player alike. Chapters are very east to read. Phill uses anecdotes to illustrate the principles the book expounds. What’s the catch? Book is not valuable for cahs game players. The most valuable part for many readers is simplification of proability and math.  Gordon recommends a somewhat aggressive style of poker. If you are good but not great player, or just starting out, buy this book, you will save your self years of learning and a lot of money.

Phill Gordon has probably covered in his book almost anything you can think of.  Little Green Book gives 1 to 2 page tips and information on every topics and then moves on.

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